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Welcome to the Proud American's & Friends Webring

If you have a web site that promotes patriotism or support of the USA, or you are a friend of the USA and you have a site that shows support for the tragic events that have not only happened to the USA but effect you as a person living in our world today, you have come to the right place. 

Our members are Proud Americans and love our country, Friends of Americans, also people that have been effected by events that have occurred in our world today. Only positive people that want to share and support one another in our world. 

If you would like to join this Webring, follow
the steps below... United We Stand!

PLEASE NOTE*** No pornographic sites or links or sites 
with adult content within the domain. Thanks!

First you will need to save this graphic to your hard drive (this is the logo for our Webring):

Right click and "save picture as"


Be sure to have the URL of the page you are going to place the "Proud Americans & Friends" Webring on. While filling out the form to join, it will ask you for this URL... *NOTE: If your entire site does not have a patriotic theme etc. that is okay! BUT you must place the Webring on your patriotic page and not on a page listing webrings you are a member off.


Once you have filled out your form to join the Proud American Webring, you are not automatically added to the Webring. You will recieve an email with your ring fragment and ring information. You must then place your Webring fragment on the page that you listed on the form. After you have uploaded the graphic above and Webring fragment, Email to notify that you have completed this step.


Once your site is approved and added to the ring you will receive another email with your member ring information including your site ID and password. Please save this as it has information that you may need to update your ring info etc.


Below is how your Webring will look once you have placed the Webring fragment on your page.


If you have read all the information above and want to join the Proud American Webring, Click here and you will be taken to a form you can fill out to start the process.
For any questions or comments please feel free to
Email - Proud American